April 19 Fire Trucks and BIG sucker!!

April 19th

The other day we realized we had never seen a fire truck while being in Russia.  That is not necessarily a bad thing because that means no fires, but as soon as we realized we had never seen one the next day one went past the office.  I didn’t have the camera ready in time, but today as we pulled into the office parking lot we heard sirens and Lewis said here comes more fire trucks, so I got out of the car quick and took a picture.  Then another one came by, took another picture.  Then we saw two police cars and three more fire trucks, I wish I had the video camera running, but I didn’t.  So here is proof that fire trucks exist in Russia.


Later this day we did our weekly food shopping.  While waiting in line at the checkout we saw these HUGE Chupa suckers.  I think that a picture of them has been submitted before, but this time there is a story that goes along with the picture.  Lewis picked up the sucker and asked if we had taken a picture of it before for the blog, I said I think so but not sure.  So he said we will take one just in case and he acts like he is going to lick it and I take a picture.  Then one of the security people that roam around the store came up to us speaking Russian of course and we couldn’t understand what she was saying, but we figured out that she didn’t want pictures taken in the store.  Not sure why, but it made for a good blog story anyway.  We got chewed out for something and have no idea what was said!! 

April 18 Lightbulb

April 18th

A strange picture to post, but when I saw this light bulb at one of the farmsteads it reminded me of the rooms that they put people in to question and torture them in movies…………

April 17 Wonderful

April 17th

What more can I say about today, beautiful weather and a beautiful day!!

April 15 Railroad signs

April 15th

Look at all the signs leaning up against this building that the railroad workers use

April 14 Spring is here

April 14th

Look at this upcoming forecast……..once the temperatures hit the 40’s there was no looking back!!!


Time to put the winter clothes away and the winter work clothes too and bring out some lighter jackets!!


April 13 The Whiteboard is called a what????

April 13

Lewis asked for a white board to be put in his office, this is the box that it came in and it is called a “Visual Communication Appliances”


Here is the Visual Communication Appliance in its appropriate spot all ready for some Visual Communication………